Equity, Title IX, and Discrimination


Questions Comments ConcernsSisters School District is committed to equal opportunity and non-discrimination in all of its educational and employment activities.

The District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, religion, disability or age in its programs and activities and equal access to the designated youth organizations in the Boy Scouts of America Equal Access Act.

All staff members take mandatory training on SafeSchools every year. For the 2021-22 school year, the following training had to be completed:

  • Bullying: Recognition & Response
  • Boundary Invasion
  • Sexual Misconduct: Staff-to-Student


    The following individuals have been designated to handle inquiries regarding non-discrimination:

    District 504 Contact:

    Lorna Vangeem
    504 Coordinator
    541-923-8521 Ex. 571

    District Title VI, Title IX & American Disabilities Act Contact:

    Joe Hosang
    Title IX Coordinator
    541-549-8521 Ex. 5022


    SES: Joan Warburg & Joe Hosang

    SMS: Tim Roth & Molly Pearing

    SHS: Steve Stancliff & Rand Runco

    Decision Maker

    SES: Joan Warburg

    SMS: Tim Roth

    SHS: Steve Stancliff

    Appeals Decision Maker

    Curt Scholl


    No Retaliation Policy

    Neither the district or any person may retaliate against an indivual for reporting, testifying, providing evidence, being a complainant, otherwise participating or refusing to participate in any investigation.