SSDLogoSeptember 21, 2016

Download a PDF of Superintendent Scholl’s Letter here.

Dear Parents:

The Sisters School District has received a report from the Redmond Police Department of a suspicious incident where an adult in a car approached a student at the Redmond bus stop. It was reported that the stranger offered a high school student a ride. The student had just exited one of our buses. The student involved reported this incident to the Redmond Police immediately. Police are investigating this incident and have instituted extra patrols in the area.

The purpose of this letter is not to create anxiety or cause concern for you or your family, but to ask you to speak with your children about “Safety with Strangers.” I have included a list of procedures from our local police department for review with your children. The student involved in this incident followed the safety rules by calling the police and bringing this information to the attention of the Sisters School District.

In better efforts to communicate with parents district wide, especially in the event of any school closures and inclement weather approaching, it is paramount that you contact your student’s school to update or verify contact information.

Sincerely, Curt Scholl



Safety with Strangers

The items listed below are some suggested procedures to be used as guidelines for discussion with your children regarding “Safety with Strangers.”

1. Do not accept candy or gifts from strangers.

2. Do not accept rides with strangers or people you do not know very well.

3. Do not walk or play alone. Walk with a friend or in a group.

4. Go directly home after school.

5. Never go anywhere without telling your parents first.

6. Be cautious when approached by strangers. If a stranger stops to ask a question, you should walk awayNever go over to a stranger or their car, for any reason.

7. Tell your parents or teacher immediately about a suspicious person.

8. Seek assistance if a stranger forces attention upon you. If someone is following you, run to a house where you think someone is at home and pound on the door and yell. You can also run inside a building such as a store, where there are people. Ask someone to call the police immediately. Do not run into a woods, park, or shrub area.

9. If possible, get the license number of any car that is following you and tell the police immediately. They may be able to catch the car before it leaves the neighborhood. But never wait around to get the number of description of the car. Run first.

10. If you call the police, it would help them to know the following information: a) the address where you are, b) the license number and description or the car, and c) the description of the person.


Parents are requested to follow the Call-In Procedure for student absence established in each school. We also urge parents to have their children follow a designated route to and from school.