Sisters ChoirSisters Middle School is off to a great start! We are very fortunate to have such quality people in our schools. I would like to take this opportunity to highlight some of the great things students, staff, and the community are doing at SMS.

We are honored once again to be rated an “Outstanding” school on this year’s AYP school report card. This is certainly due to the dedication of our staff and students. We are continually looking at ways to improve and give our best toward our students. We are making changes to our grading system as well as our instructional delivery. We are also finding ways to target students who are struggling and give the additional support needed so every student has the opportunity to succeed.

We are very proud of the community members who have stepped up and helped with our Enrichment Wednesdays. This is yet another indication of the great community support we receive as a school. It has been exciting to attend all the activities and witness the students engaged in learning. We hope you will join us for our community dinner in December and celebrate the great things students have accomplished in these sessions.

In addition, we are so thankful for the Sisters School Foundation and their generous contribution to our school. We were granted approximately $10,000 to support a variety of programs including science, technology, and a school-wide behavior program. We would not be able to provide many of the enriching activities without the funding of the Sisters School Foundation. Thank you!

Athletics has finished another successful fall season. We are so fortunate to have the relationship with S.P.R.D. to offer the sports program we do! Football had new uniforms this year as well as volleyball through generous donations as well as quality budgeting. We truly believe that extra-curricular activities are an extension of the classroom and valuable in teaching teamwork, perseverance, and work ethic. We look forward to continuing to improve our program to provide the best opportunities possible to our students.

The arts are thriving at SMS. Students are working on a number of activities including submitting work to the National Scholastic Art awards which is a juried show. Drama has been working hard on their upcoming performance of “Murder at the Orient Express.” This is a humorous play about a town trying to find out who “did in” the town bully. There are accents, disguises, unusual weapons, and clever surprises. Please come join us on Wednesday November 28th at 6:30 PM in the drama/lecture room here at SMS.

We have published authors walking the halls of SMS! Mrs. Wert’s class has been working with authors Jean Nave and Melody Carlson to publish another book this year. Students worked on publishing a book this past year that is now on sale at Amazon! The book is titled “Animal Adventures” and has a number of short story entries by each student in Mrs. Wert’s class.

The middle school greenhouse project is up and running! Kit Stafford, the project director is excited about the endless possibility this structure will have for students. We are so appreciative of the Sisters Science Club for their hard work, dedication, and financial support of this project. This green house was once torn and battered, but now has a new cover, water system, raised beds, and a new floor, just to mention a few things. We look forward to partnering with the science club to brainstorm the many uses this facility will provide.

Becky Aylor did an outstanding job putting together our Veterans Day assembly on Friday November 9th. Many veterans come to be honored by the assembly which included SMS teacher Major Scott Buchanan, United States Air Force, as a special guest speaker. The SMS band and choir also performed at the assembly. We are proud of our veterans and hope they walked away from SMS with a sense of pride and honor!

As you can see, opportunities are endless at Sisters Middle School. Many of these opportunities are supported by so many volunteers in our community that want to help and make a difference for kids! It doesn’t get much better than that! Thank you to all of you who continually strive to make a difference in our schools and community. Your efforts do not go unnoticed. I am thankful to live in a community where we make our kids a priority, and that is the Sisters way!

Thank You,

Mark Stewart

Sisters Middle School Principal