welcome to sistersWe are very proud to announce that Sisters Elementary School was designated an Oregon Model School this summer. We are now considered one of the top 5% ranked elementary schools in the state. Our model designation came about due to our innovative scheduling of reading and math instruction, multiage classes, Response to Intervention for at-risk students, Positive Behavior Support to guide our social skills and professional development for staff.

With a broader diversity of population we have reconfigured some of our educational plans to target growth for all students. Our community has stepped up to the plate to help us meet the needs of our student population. The Sisters Science Club is offering materials, hands on lessons, and teacher support to increase our awareness of science in the curriculum. The Art Literacy group is providing art lessons to students to involve the “whole” child into the educational experience. The Folk Festival is working with our music teacher to further expand music experiences for our students.

At the elementary school we are fortunate to offer three free full-day Kindergarten classes. The SMART reading program is working in our classes to help open the doors of reading for Kindergarten students. We are also partnering with one of our preschools to make the transition from preschool to elementary school more seamless.

Our curriculum emphasizes reading, reading and reading. Teachers are continually monitoring the progress of reading skill acquisition and student placement is adjusted as indicated. With technology we are spending more time reading with the Lexia program to supplement classroom instruction and practice. We have a stronger writing program this year and are seeing skills develop in written communication.

Math curriculum is engaging students in basic skills, application of those skills and reading comprehension of math story problems. Again, students are monitored frequently and placed accordingly. We are looking forward to another year of academic growth for our students, professional development opportunities for our teachers and terrific support from our community. That is what makes us one of the top elementary schools in Oregon!

Barbara Kamrath