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Within the Sisters School District we care about all students needs and learning abilities. The Special Programs offered throughout the District are designed with students success in mind.  Students can take Online Classes, participate in the Talented & Gifted Program, the Heart of Oregon, Youth Transition Program and Special Education Options are all available.


Alternative Education Programs

The Sisters School District is proud of the alternative programs that are available to our students.

While we are a relatively small sized school district, we value the fact that students have a variety of needs and that some students may make better progress in an alternative setting. All alternative placements are arranged through a building’s Student Effectiveness Team (SET). The following is a brief description of our alternative programs.


Behavior Intervention Center

This program is designed for students who are elementary and middle school aged and are experiencing serious behavior problems in the school setting. Students in this program are referred by their building SET team to a regional SET team who assesses the appropriateness of this placement. This program is a 45-day program that is located in Redmond. Students in this program focus on addressing one or two problems that are getting in the way of their success in a mainstream school setting.


Work Experience, Internship, Home Instruction & Other Placements

Some students prefer going to work rather than being part of the school community. In these cases some students arrange work experiences and plan on receiving a General Education Diploma (GED) for their educational components. In other cases students may receive home instruction for 4 hours each week in place of attending school. In each of these cases students must go through their building SET team in order for them to receive these services.

Find more information about all of the different program options below.

Heart of Oregon

Heart of Oregon Corps provides vocational training and continuing education to opportunity youth ages 16-24. Through the WORK, EARN, LEARN model of our 5 programs, we strive to create pathways out of poverty for youth and encourage their self-sufficiency. In addition to teaching youth job skills, the projects they work on help to keep our community beautiful and healthy, while the wages they earn stimulate regional economic growth.

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Sisters Online School

SOS provides students within the Sisters School District an opportunity to receive their education in an environment which may better suit the learning needs for them and their families. SOS offers:

  • A robust online learning option for students in grades kindergarten through 12
  • Personalized learning and support which includes regular face-to-face consultation, guidance and advising, and nurturing support from on-site personnel
  • Award-winning, state-of-the-art curriculum featuring Plato programs
  • Books and materials
  • Full time, tuition-free, online public school option
  • Highly qualified, state-certified teachers
  • Access to Sisters School District extracurricular, co-curricular, and elective course offerings and activities (pending OSAA regulations)
  • A robust Advanced Learner Program

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Special Education

Within the Sisters School District we believe that every student is a valuable member of our caring community.  We believe that each student can succeed and grow from interacting with one another in the least restrictive environment possible.  As a result of our beliefs, we strive to create programs for our special education students that allow them to be mainstreamed with regular education tract students while meeting their individual needs.

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Talented & Gifted

Within the Sisters School District we identify Talented and Gifted students (with regard to intellectual and measures of math and reading achievements) for students performing at the 97% tile or better.  We also look at multiple measures in order to assess potential when a student is within the standard error of measurement of meeting the 97% tile.

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Youth Transition Program

The Youth Transition Program is a comprehensive transition program for youth with disabilities operated collaboratively by Vocational Rehabilitation Services, the Oregon Department of Education, the University of Oregon, and local school districts statewide in Oregon.

The purpose of the program is to prepare youth with disabilities for employment or career related post secondary education or training.

The local Youth Transition Program works closely with Heart of Oregon.

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