Budget Committee

Budget Committee

The Budget Committee is made up of five community members (living within the school district boundaries) appointed by the school board to three-year terms, along with the five elected school board members. They serve as the district fiscal planning advisory committee. The Budget Committee reviews and approves the budget document to be presented to the board for final adoption for the upcoming school year beginning July 1 of each year.


For additional information regarding the Budget Committee, Budget meetings, or if you are interested in serving on the Budget Committee, contact:

Mel Petterson – School Board Secretary
Email: melanie.petterson@sisters.k12.or.us

Committee Members

Roger Detweiler Carol Moorehead Jeff Smith Coming Soon Coming Soon
Roger Detweiler
Phone: 541-617-5336
Email: erdtwlr@earthlink.net
Term Expires: 06-30-2013
Carol Moorehead
Phone: 541-504-4524
Email: cmoorehead@cocc.edu
Term Expires: 06-30-2014
Jeff Smith
Phone: 541-923-7493
Email: jsmith@webformixair.com
Term Expires: 06-30-2014