Sisters Elementary School Construction Bond Highlights

On May 18th, 2021, Sisters voters passed a $33,800,000 general obligation bond to pay for the construction costs of a new elementary school within Sisters School District (SSD), as well as related support and maintenance costs associated with the district’s 2016 Master Plan.

The new “Shared Campus” location for the elementary school is a critical component of the 2016 Master Plan. It will allow for increased safety, transportation, operational and educational benefits for all of the students in the district. Fifth grade will return to the elementary school location, which is better aligned with educational best practices and also provides additional capacity in the middle school.

The old elementary school building is a valuable asset for the Sisters community. The district respects the value of this asset for the whole community and embraces the responsibility of using this asset for the best outcome of our voters. Once the bond is approved, the District, the School Board and the Bond Oversight Committee will host a series of community engagements with voters and stakeholders to understand the greatest needs and best possible uses of the building. Only after this due diligence can the school district implement the best plans for the old Sisters Elementary School building.


Elementary School Building Renderings provided by BLRB Architects – Updated 4/5/2022

Time Lapse View of the New Elementary School Construction