Student Behaviors & Resources for Mental Health


Our school district places student behaviors and mental health as a priority.  We believe that if a student’s foundation in self-awareness, self-confidence and self-advocacy is strong, their academic success will equally be as strong.

In addition to our mental health support team of licensed counselors at each school, our teachers, students and parents use First Aide for Mental Health to help identify and respond to students who may be struggling with mental health concerns or issues.

Every year the SHS Anonnymous Student Health Survey is administered in the Health classroom to help separate out reality versus perception with teen behaviors.  Additionally it provides our schools, parents, students and community a clearer perspective on the behaviors our teens are engaging in and why.  In addition to this survey, Sisters School District also uses the Oregon Healthy Teen Survey and the Mental Health Survey to best gauge what curriculum is priority, what programs we need to make accessible and what we can do as a community to keep our kids as healthy as possible while providing the skills necessary to make life-long healthy decisions.


SHS Anonymous Student Health Survey 2011-2016