Inter-District Transfers


School TransferSisters Schools are open for transfers! Your kids could be here too!


Inter-District Transfer Form

To get started, download the Sisters School District Inter-District Transfer Request Form below. Complete the form and return it to the Sisters School District Office. Given space available, the Sisters School Board has decided not to limit the amount of students able to transfer to Sisters School District.


Important Information


Open Enrollment

The open enrollment period is February 1st through April 1st.


Due Date

Families have between February 1st and April 1st to complete an Inter-District Transfer Request Form. Families and their resident district will be notified by May 1st if a request has been approved.

After April 1st, any request for an Inter-District Transfer will revert to the joint agreement process that requires the approval of the releasing and attending district superintendents. Requests made after April 1st still need to be approved annually. This joint approval process will be in effect April 1st through January 31st.


HB 3681

The 2011 Oregon Legislature passed HB 3681, which provides an additional method of school choice for Oregon students. This bill, which allows for students to transfer between districts without approval from their resident district, has specific deadlines that must be met in order for the transfer to be automatically approved. Under the bill, Inter-District requests received and approved by the deadline will not be required to renew their request on a yearly basis, as has been the case under the current system. Once out-of-district students are approved to attend Sisters Schools under the new law, they will be able to continue through the students’ K-12 education.


Mel Petterson

Mel Petterson

Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent and School Board

541-549-8521 ext. 5002