Vote Local Option

The Sisters School District has submitted a ballot measure to ask for a renewal of the Local Option. Ballot Measure 9-88 goes before voters in the Sisters School District boundary area for the March 12th election. I am urging everyone to exercise your rights and make sure you VOTE!! Whether you support or oppose this measure, I believe that everyone has a responsibility as a citizen to stand up and be counted! Ballot Measure 9-88 asks the voters to renew the local option for another 5 years.

This is not an increase in your property taxes! The district is asking for a continuation of the tax which is set at 75 cents per thousand dollars of assessed value. Voters in Sisters first approved this measure in 2000 and have continued to renew this important funding mechanism for the district ever since. As you may be aware, our school district like most other districts in the State of Oregon, have been forced to cut spending for the past 4 years due to the recession. Thanks to the local option, our school district has been able to minimize these impacts and maintain small class sizes along with many programs we cherish such as the arts, music and other electives. I have included a fact sheet for your review so that you can see how our schools compare to others in our region and how your current tax rates for our school district compare to other districts. However you feel about this measure, please make sure you do your duty as a citizen and VOTE!!!

Winter Weather Reminder!

While we have had wonderful weather the past two weeks, I wanted to remind you that we still have many weeks of winter left, along with the possibility of our “normal” cold and snowy spring weather! We always keep safety as our number one priority when we make decisions in terms of winter weather and school delays or cancellations. In general we will try to hold school and if need be implement a two hour delay. Occasionally we will cancel school and we have built in one “snow day” in order to accommodate this possibility. At this point in time, if we were to cancel school again that day(s) would be added to the end of our school year. Please make sure that we have your correct phone contact, as I make the decision regarding a delay or cancellation by 5:30am and at that time we utilize our Alert Now system which calls every parent and teacher to notify them of our status.

Thank you for choosing Sisters School District……A great place to live and learn!!