hoodooSisters School District Superintendent Jim Golden announced the receipt of a $50,000 donation to the Sisters Schools Foundation from Hoodoo Recreation, Chuck Shepard, Tasha and Hoodoo General Manager, Matthew McFarland, at the August Board meeting.

Thanks to the Hoodoo donation the entire 7th grade class at Sisters Middle School will have Chromebooks as part of the Sisters School District ‘s One-to-One Computer Program. The funds will be used to purchase the computers, cases, charging carts and any needed training for staff and students so they are thoroughly integrated into our educational delivery system.

“This is an incredibly generous donation! In fact this is one of the largest gifts the Sisters Schools Foundation has ever received. This will allow us to truly deliver a modern education for our kids and help prepare them for the world they are growing up in, a world in which technology plays a central role in most everything we do. I greatly appreciate this significant contribution from the Shepard family!” Golden said.

Hoodoo owner Chuck Shepard offered, “I hope this is an example of what businesses and schools can do together, and hope this encourages other local businesses to try to do the same because our school system is really the foundation of our community.”

Longtime Board member Pat Lamoureux added, “As a founding member of the Sisters Schools Foundation, I would also like to take the time to thank the Shepard family for their generous donation. In the 13 + years that I have been part of the board there have been many donations, all are appreciated no matter how small. This is truly a remarkable and generous community, I feel blessed to be part of such a worthwhile organization as the Sisters Schools Foundation. Thank you again to the Shepard family and all who have supported the Foundation be it your volunteer time or financial support. We could not do what has been done without all of you.”

The Sisters Schools Foundation was created to respond to major budget cuts and taxlimiting measures that threatened programs and activities at schools across the state. Their mission is to raise funds to save, enhance, and perpetuate these programs at Sisters Elementary, Middle and High Schools.