Sisters Administration officeI sincerely hope that you all had a fulfilling Thanksgiving Break. I know I am thankful to work in such an incredible community, one which understands the value of taking care of each other and most importantly providing an exceptional education for our children!

As we move into the winter months I wanted you all to know that we will likely be subject to challenging weather conditions. In deciding whether or not to hold school or to start school late, I want you to know that our first filter is always student safety. On days where we have extreme weather in terms of ice or snow, our facility director, transportation director and I begin to access the situation around 5:00 am. Our goal is to always hold school with a two hour late start being our first choice if we believe the weather situation and roads will improve. In the event of a late start or school closure, parents will be notified by our Alert Now system by 6:00 am at the latest. Please make sure if you have a student in our schools that your contact information is accurate so that you receive this important notification.

I wanted to invite everyone to attend our board work sessions which happen at 3:30 pm on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. In the board work session’s, staff give presentations on what they are doing to improve student achievement and engage our students in becoming model citizens. In our first two board work sessions we had outstanding presentations by our Arts, Technology, Biology and Math departments. I would encourage you to join us for our next work session on December 19th. In this work session, our Language Arts and Social Studies teacher will be presenting the work they are engaged in with students this year.

I wanted to let you know that the school board made the decision in our last board meeting to ask the voters in Sisters to continue our local option. The election for this continuation of the local option will be on Tuesday, March 12, 2013. We will be giving you factual information as to how the district utilizes these resources in upcoming communiqués. I would encourage everyone to make sure they are registered to vote and to express their First Amendment rights in this upcoming election.

Finally, similar to October’s update on Sisters Elementary School, I have included an update from our principal Mark Stewart as to what is happening at Sisters Middle School. We will be doing the same thing in December for Sisters High School.

Thank you for your interest and support of the Sisters School District!

Jim Golden

Sisters Schools Superintendant