Sisters School District recently purchased its first green-energy bus, fueled by propane gas. There is another bus on the way this month.

Propane is the world’s most popular clean-burning alternative fuel, reducing harmful emissions with 20% less nitrogen oxide, 60% less carbon monoxide and up to 24% fewer greenhouse-gas emissions, making it safer for the driver, the students, and the community.

The power and torque register about the same as a diesel-powered vehicle.

The tank size is similar in the propane bus as with its diesel counterparts: 100 gallons. The new Bluebird gets slightly lower mileage, at five versus six miles to the gallon on the diesel engines, but the new propane bus is a money-saver.

Running the same route as a diesel bus did last school year, the new propane bus will save the district pretty close to $5,000 (based on the secured rate for propane and a rebate from the EPA).

Originally published in The Nugget Newspaper, November 3, 2015