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Sisters School District prides itself on the use of technology throughout the schools and classrooms.  Technology is ever changing and it requires a great team of staff to keep up on those changes. Todd Pilch, Director of Technology, and Conan Tigard, the Desktop Support Specialist and District Web Master, work alongside a Technology Committee comprised of parents and district staff.  Todd and Conan are happy to provide support to district staff and personnel and answer all their technology questions.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Question: Why do Sisters High School Students have district emails?
Answer: Sisters School District provides a free “outside” email account to every high school student enrolled full-time at SHS.  The intent of this account is to help students communicate with outside agencies and aide in the process of applying for colleges, scholarships, internships, and job opportunities.

Question: How long is my student account active at SHS?
Answer: Student email accounts are active all 4 years students attend Sisters High School and for one year after high school graduation.

Question: How do I access my student web-mail account?
Answer: Visit the Information: Email page for step-by-step instructions of accessing your student account.

Question: How do I access my email from a location outside of the school?
Answer: Visit the Information: Email page to download instructions for accessing your email account from a location outside of the school district via a web browser.

Question: I’ll be out of the office, how do I set up my “Out of Office” auto-reply on my email?
Answer: Visit the Information: Email page for step-by-step directions on creating an out of office message in M.S. Office Outlook Remote Mail.

Question: How do I access my SPAM filter on my email?
Answer: Visit the Information: Email page to learn how to access this filter, housed on the HDESD website.

Question: I would like to have a copy of the user guide for a software program or piece of technology that the school uses. How can I get one?
Answer: Downloadable user guides for district programs are available on the Information pages on the Technology Department website. Pleas visit the appropriate page and click on the link for the product you are interested in learning more about.

Question: I would like to request an edit or addition to the website.
Answer: Please create a tech ticket.