Sisters Outlaw Justice


What is Sisters Outlaw Justice?

Sisters Outlaw JusticeSisters Outlaw Justice is a type of community accountability board.

Board members consist of concerned community members and high school youth who value the principles of Balanced and Restorative Justice (BARJ). Youth who have received a first referral (citation) from law enforcement (infractions up to a class C felony) are eligible for the Sisters Outlaw Justice Diversion program. These youth are given the opportunity to present their case to the board. Board members have the opportunity to address the offender and inquire as to how their actions have impacted:

  • the community
  • the victim (if / when applicable)
  • themselves

The board will then decide on conditions of a contract which may include:

  • restitution
  • an apology
  • community work service
  • drug and / or alcohol education or treatment
  • theft counseling
  • anger awareness counseling
  • or any other competency development class/program which the youth may benefit.

Outlaw JusticeA Community Justice Officer will then supervise the youth and assist the youth in completing all contract conditions within a specified time period, typically 2 – 6 months. Upon successfully completing their contracts, diversion youth are eligible for expunction six months from the date their contract is closed / completed. The Community Justice Officer will apply with the District Attorney’s office to ensure the expunctions occur for eligible youth.




Doug Welsh

Doug Welsh

Community Justice Officer

Deschutes County Juvenile Community Justice
63360 Britta St., Bldg. 1
Bend, Oregon 97701

Deputy Brent Crosswhite

Deputy Brent Crosswhite

School Resource Deputy

Deschutes County Sheriff's Department