2016 Bond Overview


2016 SSD Bond logoIn the May 2016 election, the citizens of Sisters School District approved measure 9-108, a General Obligation Bond to support $10.7 million in capital investments across our district and our community. Key areas included: 1) Safety and Security investments to ensure our students and staff could learn and teach in a safe environment, 2) Site Improvements that addressed years of wear and tear, and 3) Athletic Facility upgrades that, among other things, made our condemned track safe for walkers, runners, students in PE, and the track teams. Details can be found in the General Obligation Bond Information Packet.

Senate Bill 447, Oregon’s School Capital Improvement Matching Program, created matching funds to reward districts who were successful in raising general obligation bonds to address the state-wide challenge of deferred maintenance in the face of education funding cuts. At the time of the election, Sisters School District was very near the bottom of the list based on a poor lottery drawing. However, only a few districts with higher drawings were successful with their bond campaign and Sisters was granted the maximum amount: an additional $4 million in capital funds. 

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