Student Meal Balance


Food Dollar SignTyler SIS

A student’s meal balance is accessible in Tyler SIS. This requires a parent or student to login to Tyler SIS.

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Tyler SIS Meal Service

The Meal Service screen has two views: student Charges and Deposits, and the Monthly Lunch Menu.

Tyler SIS Meal Service page

By default, the Charges and Deposits view is displayed. Charges and Deposits At the top of the screen, the student’s meal service balance displays, including the rollover (start of year) balance if one exists, along with the total deposits and charges for the student throughout the school year. Below the balance, the grid displays daily meal service detail. Each date the student had a meal service transaction displays on the grid. Click the + icon in the More column to display additional information about a date. Underlined items on the More screen will display the Monthly Lunch Menu entry for that item.