November 8, 2020

Good evening,

Due to many questions around Limited In-Person Instruction and the potential of reopening in Hybrid, I’d like to share a few clarifying details.  My message will be brief as Superintendent Scholl will be sharing a letter tomorrow morning with more information on all schools and will speak specifically to updates and causation in terms of LIPI/Hybrid at SMS.

First, again, there will be no Limited In-Person Instruction with any teachers or groups November 9th – November 24th.  We apologize for inconvenience and hope to resume these groups as soon and safely as possible.

Second, many families have asked about the next potential return date for Hybrid.  Both myself and Mr. Scholl have shared that we are looking at November 30rd as the next possible date.  However, some confusion has arose as The Nugget wrote in error that 5th & 6th grade would be looking to return on November 10th.  The Nugget is aware of the error and is issuing a correction in this week’s issue.  Thus, the next potential date for Hybrid is on November 30th if our metrics allow. Whether November 30th or another date, we will begin by returning 5th grade students first and then adding each subsequent grade in a staggered start.

Apologies for any confusion and or frustration, unfortunately, it is the way of the world right now.  As per always, we wish for continued safety, happiness and high levels of well rounded learning no matter the format.

Mrs. Haney
Sister Middle School

2019-20 School Year