October 26, 2021

Dear SMS Families,

With the conclusion of October comes the wrap up from conferences and celebrations in our community. Below are a couple of quick updates and reminders as we close out October.

SMS Haunted Drive-ThruThis week is Spirt Week at SMS. Students are asked to dress up each day to earn points for their grade levels.

  • Wednesday: Senior Citizen Day
  • Thursday: Country Western or Country Club day
  • Friday: Costume day

As we help our students celebrate, here are a few quick reminders about costumes.

  • Costumes must follow the student attire section of our handbook found here.
  • No head coverings that cover the student’s entire face.
  • Costumes must be weapon free. Fake or real (examples nun chucks/sickles/swords/knives/guns, etc).
  • Costumes must not hinder your ability to participate in your classes, including PE. Costumes may not disrupt or impede traffic in the hallway
  • Nothing that promotes the use of illegal substances or activities, derogatory or disrespectful or portrays violence.
  • Students must show respect for others by not choosing costumes that are insensitive and/or offensive to the diverse backgrounds represented by others at our school.

Most of all we want your students to be able to celebrate in a safe respectful way for everyone at SMS.

Finally, do not forget to bring your family to our haunted drive-thru on Friday night. See information below.

Thanks for all of your support. GO OUTLAWS!

Tim Roth
Sisters Middle School


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