September 14, 2021

 Dear SES Outlaw Parents,

What a wonderful first week! It was so good to reconnect as a community of learners and see so many happy students. Thank you parents for your support in creating a great start to the new school year.  We have some new guidance that we need to follow, and some minor adjustments that we need your help with this week.  

The big update is that we are required to return to outdoor mask wearing by our students unless they are in a structured environment with an adult ensuring that the students remain 6 feet away from other individuals.  While we would love to have our students continue to make the choice, we understand the necessity.  We are instructing our students that when they are outdoors, they may go to an adult and request the option to remove their mask for a break and the adults will help them find a safe space.  If the students are in PE and their activity mirrors the strenuous exercise that older teams in athletics participate in, we may allow them to remove their masks for that activity.  Please remember that we are closely monitoring and supporting our students and their health. One of the benefits of mask wearing is that we no longer have to quarantine IF individuals have been wearing their masks.  This means more in person learning time for our students.  As you are aware, guidance seems to be changing quite frequently, so these are our final details based on current information from ODE.  We will keep you updated as we receive new information.

We need your help to keep our community safe and happy at arrival and dismissal.  We appreciate your support in keeping the intersection free from obstruction and waiting patiently.  Here are some reminders connected to arrival.  Please pull all the way forward before your child exits the car; if you see a gap, please move forward.

  • 8:10: We will open our playground gate for BREAKFAST eaters ONLY. BREAKFAST SERVICE CLOSES AT 8:25 to ensure students have time to eat before class begins at 8:35.
  • 8:15-8:35: Our playground gate will open by the parking lot and students of all ages will enter. Parents will say their goodbyes prior to the students entering the gate.
  • 8:35: Tardy bell: instruction begins. Tardy students enter through the office at the front of the building.

Here are some Dismissal reminders:  If there are any changes to your child’s plan please call by 2:00 pm so that we can get the message to the teacher prior to dismissal.  Please make sure to display your placard prominently in your windshield.  Please DO NOT come early as this backs up the traffic and delays pick up.  All students in a family are dismissed with the OLDEST sibling. Please follow this schedule:

  • 2:45/12:45: K-1st Dismissal
  • 2:55/12:55: 2nd Dismissal
  • 3:05/1:05: 3rd-4th Dismissal/Bus-riders

I am so grateful to be a part of this incredible community.  Thank you for your continued support!

Joan Warburg
Sisters Elementary School


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