April 6, 2020

Dear Sisters Schools Community, 

I hope this message finds you and your family well. Please continue to do your part to honor the social distancing and the stay home, save lives order from Governor Brown.  In the next couple of days, the Sisters School District staff will be reaching out to all of our families and students. The goal this week is to understand how you are doing, provide supplement and review materials, prepare and deliver the resources needed to begin Distance Learning for all.

I have been proud of the early outreach by our staff and community as the every changing dynamics of this situation have presented new challenges. As defined in our strategic planning process, creating a sense of belonging for all is one of our top priorities as a school community.  Obviously, the “stay home, save lives” order is making us rethink how we connect and build community.  Again, I remind you to take the time to take care of yourselves and those that you love. We have an incredibly strong community and together we will continue to navigate the challenges that this crisis presents.

Every challenge creates an opportunity. What an opportunity to show our resilience, our creativity, our adaptability, and perhaps most importantly, our empathy and support for those that are hit hardest by this crisis. I am optimistic that as we work through this together, we will be stronger as a system and community.  As we receive directions from the Oregon Department of Education and the State of Oregon, we will share them with you. Although there have been discussions, at this point we are still waiting for direction on graduation requirements and high school credit achievement.

Stay Safe,

Curt Scholl
Sisters School District

Access to accurate, timely information about COVID-19 is critical for all of us. Our County Public Health experts point to the Oregon Health Authority and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as good sources of information. www.coemergencyinfo.blogspot.com provides a collective resource for up-to-date information. Oregon Department of Education has an FAQ page at: https://www.oregon.gov/ode/students-and-family/healthsafety/Pages/COVID-19-FAQ.aspx.