September 15, 2021

Dear Sisters Schools Community, 

I want to thank everyone for a successful first week of the 2021-22 school year.  It is great to start the year with all of our students in class for in-person learning.  Thank you for following the physical-distancing, hand washing and mask-wearing protocols that have been put in place to stop the spread of COVID-19.      

Again, our schools are an eco-system consisting of a wide range of people from our community.  Although I know that we all would prefer not to wear masks, the safety of the entire eco-system must be considered.  This vigilance is why we have had success in opening our schools on time and have all of our co-curricular programs running.

Our enrollment is up over 60 students from the start of last year.  We are currently at 1146, which is 6 above our projection.  We are seeing full buildings and classrooms and the growth that we were expecting in our schools.  Even with the COVID-19 impact on enrollment nationally, we are seeing strong numbers.

On the growth front, I want to thank our community for supporting the bond this past May.  Our bonds sold in just over two hours and an advantageous market netted Sisters School District just over $39 million dollars to support our projects; the priority being the construction of a new K-5 elementary, which would consolidate our K-12 campus.

Currently, one of our biggest challenges is bus drivers.  Those that we have are talented, but we need more to be able to support the full slate of field trips and activities that we want for our students.  If you know of anyone that is interested in a permanent position or being a substitute driver, have them contact Kim Henderson at or call (541) 549-9681.

Stay Safe,

Curt Scholl
Sisters School District


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