November 18, 2020

Good Morning Sisters Schools Community, 

We have been getting questions about the K-5 or K-6 exception in the new metrics released earlier this month around the return to school for our 5th and 6th graders.  What we learned is that because our 5th and 6th grade our housed in our middle school, they fall outside of the exception. 

The path to in-person instruction for our 5th grade while in the orange zone, is a successful return by the previous grade level (this is defined as 4 weeks of successful return of our 4th grade), a conversation with our Local Public Health Authority, and COVID-19 case counts that are trending to the yellow zone.  The last part of this path is the largest variable, in that case counts in Deschutes County could be trending up based on specific incidents outbreak that may not concern our LPHA in our effort to bring our 5th grade back.

Unfortunately, our current trend has us closing in on the red zone.  I would reiterate, we need all Deschutes County citizens to be leaders when it comes to the COVID-19 protocols.  We need continued vigilance around fighting the spread of this virus.   For the sake of our students, our vulnerable populations, and everyone, please continue to follow the physical-distancing, hand-washing and mask-wearing protocols that have been put in place to stop the spread of this virus.

On Friday, Governor Brown issued further state restrictions in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19 in Oregon.  These new restrictions are in place until December 2, 2020 in Deschutes County.  This morning, in a pivot from Friday’s message, the Oregon Health Authority released further guidance stating “All indoor K-12 school sports are prohibited at this time.”

With the Governor’s new announcement and this week’s metrics moving us closer to the red zone, we are pushing back our date to return to in-person instruction for our 5th grade to December 7th. 

We will make the decision for December 7th based on the metrics being released on November 30th.  If the metrics do not allow for us to open, then the next date to re-engage our 5th grade will be January 11th, based on the metrics released on January 4th.  If on any Monday, the metrics return to the green zone, we will open at all remaining grades in the hybrid model the following Monday. 

Thanks to everyone for your understanding and continued partnership in supporting and educating our students.  Stay safe.

Curt Scholl,
Sisters School District

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