Guidelines of Athletic and Activity Eligibility



  1. In order to participate in a school-sponsored activity, students must attend all classes on the day of the activity or practice.
  2. A student who is absent for a dental or doctor appointment must bring a note from the dentist/doctor in order to participate that day.
  3. Athletes must attend practice the day prior to a game in order to compete the next day, unless prearranged and excused.


  1. Students with failing grades may not participate in the activity or sport, except practice, until the grade is brought up to passing.  Students will be given a one-week grace period to bring up their grade(s). Students with failing grades may not be dismissed early from school to participate in a contest.
  2. A note from a teacher to the athletic director is required before an athlete may participate in a contest.
  3. Grades will be checked every 3 weeks, but if a teacher contacts a coach or Athletic Director regarding a failing grade for a student, the coach or Athletic Director may require the student to attend after-school help sessions until the grade is brought up.


  1. Classroom conduct may affect eligibility.  Misconduct or disruption of class reported by a teacher to the principal or Athletic Director may result in an athlete being removed from participation in a contest.  Appropriate behavior is also expected at athletic practices and events and may also affect eligibility.
  2. Administrative level infractions, such as defiant and aggressive behavior, chronic misbehavior, or safety concerns may result in suspension and/or removal from the team at the principal’s discretion.

Drug, Alcohol, or Tobacco

  1. Any student who is found in possession or use of tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia will be suspended and/or dismissed from the team.

Equipment and Uniforms

  1. No athlete will be allowed to participate in a sport until all previously issued equipment and/or uniform from a prior sport has been returned or proper restitution made.

Transportation / Travel

  1. Students are required to ride with their team to and from a game or event.
  2. Students may ride home with a parent after an event.  The student is only released after face-to-face contact between parent and coach.
  3. A student must have written permission from his/her parent to ride home with another adult.  This note must be received by the Athletic Director or office during the school day.