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Outlaw Athletics

To Teach, Compete with Honor and Dignity, Serve Community, and Pursue Excellence

OT3 DistrictPhilosophy

Welcome to Outlaws athletics! Our athletic program is proud to be part of our excellent offerings of co-curricular opportunities at Sisters Middle School and Sisters High School.  We purposefully categorize Sisters Athletics as “co-curricular” not “extra-curricular” because, as a coaching staff, our goal is to be an integral part of the teaching mission of our school.  Our coaches believe that their work is an extension of the classroom.  In addition to learning the “X’s and O’s” of sport specific drills, our student-athletes will develop lifelong values of teamwork, leadership, dedication,  sportsmanship, goal setting, maintaining composure, poise, developing a strong work ethic, balancing busy schedules, and living a healthy lifestyle, which will ultimately assist them in becoming upstanding men and women who give back to their community.

Beyond wins and losses, the primary goal of our athletic department is to provide a program that clearly demonstrates that athletics is a positive and energizing means to advance the physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and moral development of our student-athletes. Simply put, our coaches strive to “coach for character”.


Guiding Principles / Values

CompassIntegrity – Honor all commitments, stand accountable for all actions, and do the right thing.

Passion – Pursue excellence in all aspects of athletics, academics, work and personal life. Show a unified support for all programs in and out of season. OUTLAWS TOGETHER!

Respect – Demonstrate appreciation for all individuals and teams…. shown through tolerance, understanding, integrity, and sportsmanship.

Teamwork – Approach challenges as a team. Demonstrate a unified effort which is distinguished by leadership, loyalty, selflessness, cooperation, and honoring the community that supports them.

Initiative – Welcome challenges and approach them with relentless work ethic and innovation. Cultivate multidimensional athletes who can lead in our community, pursue what they love.

Diversity – Honoring all levels of athletic achievement through the celebration of improvement. Embrace the desire to build inclusive programs based on the pursuit of excellence. (Advocate for all participants to attain an opportunity for athletic participation, physical fitness, health, well-being, and determination.)

Professionalism – Maintain the highest standards. Fairness, safety and ethical conduct are at the heart of athletics and our programs must lead by example in these areas.

Outlaws Together Creed

CreedSportsmanship – We will win with grace and lose with dignity.

Role Model – We will act in a way that is a role model for how we want our players, parents, coaches, and spectators to behave.

Pride – We know our actions represent our students, our school, and the entire community of Sisters. We will act in a manner that represents our community in a positive way, and we will encourage others to do the same.

Respect – We welcome our opponents into our community and treat all opponents, fans, administrators and officials with courtesy.

Everyone at a game is one of the following:

Player, Coach, Official, or Spectator

It is wise to choose only one of those roles at a time.



For players, parents, or community members who do not follow the Outlaws Together Creed, Codes of Conduct, and Parent Coach Communication Policy
  • 1st Offense: Warning by Coach or Athletic Director.   
  • 2nd Offense: Letter sent with prescriptive steps: Individual required to take NFHS Online coursework.   Individual ban from competitions and practices may continue one week past completion of coursework.
  • 3rd Offense: Letter sent with prescriptive steps: Individual required to take additional  NFHS Online coursework.  Individual banned from competitions and practices for the remainder of the activity season.
  • 4th Offense: One year ban from competitions and practices from the date of the offense.

Steps 1-4 are cumulative and do NOT start over again at the start of each school year.

Some offenses, after review by administration, may accelerate the consequence immediately to step 3 or 4.

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