Unique Programs & Classes


SESGardenFairThroughout the Sisters School District, students have an opportunity to take programs and classes that are hard to find anywhere else. Classes like Chinese (taught from kindergarten through high school), Interdisciplinary Experiential Education (IEE) to get students outside into our backyard, or our Luthier program where students get hands-on opportunities to build musical instruments.

In addition to a great and caring atmosphere at each of the three schools, Sisters High School was named a “School of Excellence” by the State of Oregon and the Sisters School District was recently ranked in the Top 10 School Districts in the State.

Sisters High School offers six career academies. Students are required to take elective credits in a career academy of their choice. The goal is to make education more meaningful and thoughtful for students. A variety of programs suited to the unique interests of the student body account for part of Sisters High School’s success. There are many unique, grant-funded programs offered throughout the Sisters Schools which help to make this an extra special place.


SHSWeatherBalloonSciences &  Mathematics

The High School’s college prepatory math programs integrate math concepts from everyday life into classroom lessons. Course offerings of algebra, geometry, trigonometry, probability, and statistics build toward college-credit level calculus.

The science program incorporates laboratory work, chemistry, physics, biology, astronomy and wilderness ecology. The Sisters Science Club, a group made up of retired professors, doctors, and more have developed a co-curricular learning model that supports all sciences taught within the Sisters School Distrct.  The Sisters Science Club also hosts the annual Science Fair every year in February.

SHSIEEOther co-curricular learning opportunities for students interested in math and sciences include:

  • Interdisciplinary Environmental Education (IEE)
  • Sisters Science Club
  • Lego Robotics
  • Flight Science
  • Fire Science


Business & Technology

Business, multi-media, and other training classes prepare students for the world beyond the classroom:

  • Information Systems Management
  • Software Applications
  • Culinary Arts
  • Computer-aided Design
  • Web Design
  • Foreign Language (including Spanish and Mandarin)
  • Video Production
  • Woods and Technology


Unique Programming & the Arts

Sisters Schools are well-supported through unique and innovative programming that help make the school experience memorable for all students. Unique, grant-funSSDLuthierProgram16ded, learning programs include:

  • Interdisciplinary Environmental Expedition (IEE)
  • Americana
  • Mandarin Chinese
  • Luthier Guitar Building
  • Flight Science
  • Fire Science
  • Culinary Arts