About Sisters School District

A community that values student achievement.


  • We are Sisters Outlaws: committed to graduating from high school, prepared for college and work.
  • We are Sisters teachers: inspiring students to learn and achieve at the highest levels.
  • We are administrators and leaders: building positive learning communities focused on academic achievement.
  • We are the support staff: understanding that our students and teachers must be safe, healthy, and supported in order to achieve at the highest possible levels.
  • We are school board members: ensuring that student achievement is front and center in every decision we make.
  • We are countless parents, family and community members: supporting our children and demanding a high-quality education for them.
  • We are the community organizations, coaches and club leaders, and volunteers: providing support for our students and staff in their daily work to achieve excellence.
  • We are the residents and taxpayers of the Sisters School District:¬†knowing that a strong school system and high achieving students are the backbone and the future of our town and nation.


We Believe

Our work toward this common purpose is fueled by a set of Core Beliefs that we act in accordance with every day:

  • Virtually all children, regardless of background or circumstance, can achieve at a high level.
  • The pursuit of excellence for all students requires providing our neediest students with the extra support necessary to attain rigorous targets.
  • Our schools must be caring and supportive environments that encourage exploration, thoughtful risk-taking, and inquisitiveness.
  • Students need knowledge, skills, and values to become responsible adults.
  • Excellent schools require strong partnerships with families, community members, and our local businesses.
  • Our decisions at all levels and every day must be guided by what is best for students and be data-driven.
  • Teachers and staff time with our students is the single most important resource we have. Hiring, developing, recognizing, and rewarding their work is essential.
  • We evaluate and improve our work continuously to foster excellence.
  • Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.
  • Co-curricular participation plays an important part of the education and well-being of our students.